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2013-07-12 05:15:39 -0600 answered a question not allowed to play tabla

then granthi singh probably is not encouraging you towards sikhi, though he is right in allowing on keshdharis to take to the stage (it is a very high place of calling which comes with a lot of image and practice responsbility to help maintain the discipline of sikhi in the gurudwara). it would be in your favour if you would begin to adopt a sikh living if you desire to perform your skill in the gurudwara. until then, you could still do the same at home and that would still be acceptable to the guru. in sangat, 'rehat pyari mujhko, sikh pyara nahin' is guru sahib's declaration. walk the path and you will begin to see the privileges our guru bestows on his chosen ones. we need to humble ourselves and take advice from what we are being told, otherwise we run the risk of arguing in manmat which will not progress our sikhi. guru sahib bless you with sikhi.

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2012-10-29 15:34:12 -0600 answered a question How to prove to someone there is God

how sweet is sugar? taste it. is God there? experience Him (through Shabad Guru). there is no other way to prove either.

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that statement actually shows the power of intent. it may be true depending on the energy you put into your action. where you make the effort, the result is what the universe / creator presents.