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not allowed to play tabla

asked 2013-07-11 07:49:49 -0500

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Sat sri Akal. The granthi at my gurudwara doesn't allow me to play the tabla on stage just because I am not amrit dhari. He says I can play it on the floor. Well..yesterday I was abt to play it on the floor and he again refused....this time the reason being that I am wearing a capri (3/4 pants or pedal pushers). is summer here and temperatures sometimes reach 40°. It is quite difficult to be in jeans or other trousers at this time of the year. And I believe with the capri I was decently dressed. And ofcourse on sundays (during the weekly dewaan) I put on trousers. The capri was just on a weekday...when it was too hot outside and there was very small number of sangat at the gurudwara. I am quite disappointed. He prefers the evening deewan to be without any rhythm or taal mel...but will just look at me sitting there and will not allow me the tabla sewa. I will not bother reporting the matter to the gurudwara committee as I believe they will even tually favor him because he is amrit dhari and I am clean shaven. It is all politics. Are the granthi sevadaar's actions justified in any way. Is there any rule in sikhi that says if i am not amrit dhari, i can NOT play tabla on stage? Or that u can not go to the gurudwara in 3/4 pants.? Please....advice me on how to handle...and which relevant authority I can report these issues to. Sat sri akaal.

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answered 2013-07-12 05:15:39 -0500

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then granthi singh probably is not encouraging you towards sikhi, though he is right in allowing on keshdharis to take to the stage (it is a very high place of calling which comes with a lot of image and practice responsbility to help maintain the discipline of sikhi in the gurudwara). it would be in your favour if you would begin to adopt a sikh living if you desire to perform your skill in the gurudwara. until then, you could still do the same at home and that would still be acceptable to the guru. in sangat, 'rehat pyari mujhko, sikh pyara nahin' is guru sahib's declaration. walk the path and you will begin to see the privileges our guru bestows on his chosen ones. we need to humble ourselves and take advice from what we are being told, otherwise we run the risk of arguing in manmat which will not progress our sikhi. guru sahib bless you with sikhi.

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answered 2013-07-12 08:02:08 -0500

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Khalsa lakhvir singh ji....asante sana for the advice. Would u pls kindly advice in this: the same granthi allows me to play dholki after sughasan....sangat walks behind singing and I am playing the dholki.....what is the difference in playing on stage and right behind guruji.? Well am not interested in playing on the stage anymore. He said it is ok if I practice on the gurudwara suited me....and again he became rude and stopped me...this time saying that its written in the bani that I can not wear a capri. I believe capri is decent clothing. As it covers the knees and only leaves the ankles. Infact now he says don't come to the gurudwara if u r wearing a capri. Is there any rule in sikhi...about not wearing a capri.?

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