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Hi, i just wanted to share something big. I am a 26 year old sikh girl. When i was 18 i was raped by a muslim man. I did not know him. It happened in broad daylight in a coffee shop on my 18th birthday. I told the police after 2 years but they said if it reached court that they could not stop the media coming in and the story getting out. This was a problem for me so i dropped the case. I have 7 brothers. And i did not want my family to know. I have lived with it all my life. Im now married into a strict amridhari family and i think my brother in laws would disown me if they knew even though i was a victim of this unprovoked attack. And by that i mean im not amridhari myself but im not a slaggy modren girl. I dont go out to pubs clubs ai dont wear makeup or skirts or dresses. Im a respectable girl