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2014-07-15 18:59:10 -0500 marked best answer depression due driving licence

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,

last year in june i started going to driving school and this year i already had 2 practical exams and i both failed, one in may and one in june. i cried so much because i always drive good in the lessons and as soon as i am in my exam i fail. each exam costs 200 euro and all the money i saved is finished and i feel so bad and cant stop crying. i feel like a loser. i just dont pass my exam its been one year since i started my licence and i still did not finished it. i dont know what to do anymore, the money is gone which i hardly saved and i can feel that my family is disappointed too ( they did not say anything and hugged me and said dont worry, but i know that they are kinda disappointed that i failed twice ) my family doesnt have so much money. i prayed so much but feel like god doesnt help me. i think im in a little depression, i sleep all day long and dont eat anything. my mother said : jo rabb karda changa karda & saara kuch sahi wakht te milda. but i dont see anything good anymore, we could really use the money for more important things. i cant stop crying, my next exam is in a few days andi think i will fail again. this is like a huge pressure on me. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM EXPECTING BUT I HOPE ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE.

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2013-12-08 14:22:12 -0500 asked a question how people treat me

is it normal that you are always interested in your friends,like they send you photos or show you stuff i’m like omg soo cool, but if i show them something they’re like k whatever its ok, like they literally ignore it.

for example my friend got some presents for a holiday here, she send me photos and was really happy, after a few hours i also got something and took a photo to show it to her, it was so cute a little present from my parents, but she just said my friend gave me another cool present. she didnt react to my photo

maybe you think ok thats not a big deal, but it always happens to me with my friends, i want to share my life with them, but they are not even 1% interested. another example was i was outside with a friend and got a phone call from an office where i applied for a job. they said sorry we decided us for someone else. i hang up and said to my friend they didnt took me and said that i was really sad. but she just said im sorry and continued with her stories.

it hurts me so much, friends are there to share your emotions & then its hard to see that they dont care.

i dont even know what i really expect from you guys now, but i didnt know who to talk to & you are like my brothers and sisters, so i just wanted to share my feelings with you.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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2013-12-03 13:17:47 -0500 asked a question sant baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale

Sat sri akaal,

why do so many people hate on sant baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale ? like did he something wrong ?

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2013-12-03 13:06:37 -0500 asked a question problem with parents

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh brothers and sisters,

i am a very emotional girl hence i get angry really quick.

so today i had a discussion with my parents again about a little unimportant thing, they didnt take it serious but i wanted to make my point and got really angry, hence i said to one of them that they would embarrass themselves if they would say another word.

i feel so bad now, they are elder and i should have much more respect, but i shoud not have say this.. but it always happens we talk i get angry and cant control myself, afterwards i always say sorry because i feel so bad.

how can i control myself? i think its wrong to say sorry and then do the same mistake over and over again. i know that my parents are not angry because they raised me and know how my character is and that i have a good heart but the anger destroys everything and makes me say things i always regret later.

please i need you help, it cant go on like this, what if i start my career and behave myself like this in the office or somewhere else ? i love my parents soo much and i dont want to hurt them again.


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2013-11-28 10:09:11 -0500 answered a question Does honoring someone?

im not sure if i understood your question right but i think that you should respect everyone even though they have another opinion, everyone sees things differently but that doesnt mean that they are wrong or you are right, we should respect everyone even though we dont agree with them. always be kind :)

2013-11-28 09:46:21 -0500 answered a question Mother and daughter conflicts

hello sister,

i know exactly how you feel, i love my parents but since im a very emotional person i argue a lot with them and say things that i dont mean and feel so bad afterwards. maybe you could get up an hour earlier so you can help her with cooking or something else, or you could clean or cook with her at weekend so she can see that you really try to take responsibilities. also talk with her about school so she can understand that its hard to help with all the housework and do everything for school. but also try to understand your mother because its hard to handle everything alone.

i hope my answer can help you and i wish you and your mother all the best

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe; god bless you

2013-11-28 09:35:50 -0500 commented question Body and surgery

thank you so much! im really thankful and happy that im not the only one who felt like that and im positive that some day i will feel like you two! you really helped a sister to be secure about her body.

2013-11-28 09:33:26 -0500 answered a question Body and surgery

thank you both so much, your answers really helped me and im happy that im not the only one who felt like this and im positive that one day i will feel like you two. thank you very much for making a sister raise her hopes again!

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2013-11-27 12:15:22 -0500 asked a question Body and surgery

Sat sri akal ji ,

my question is is it allowed to get a beauty surgery in sikhism ? i dont know if its right to write it down here but i have to ask someone because im feeling really depressed. i have a very big problem with my breast, it doesnt look nice at all and i feel always really uncomfortable even around my female friends, i dont have a boyfriend or something like this. but i just feel super disgusting towards my own body, so i was doing some research on the topic breast surgery because i want to feel good in my own body.

maybe there are some girls who can give me some advices or who can relate to my problem? i just want to do this surgery but my family will never allow this and im also really afraid.... but i feel so depressed and im afraid that my future husband will be disgusted when he sees my body

please help :)

2013-09-08 11:53:34 -0500 answered a question Afraid of praying

thank you so much for all the answers

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2012-09-21 05:53:48 -0500 asked a question Boyfriend and regrets

Ssa ji my sikh sisters and brothers, i really need your help. When I was 15 I fell in love with a boy. We had a relationship but he was really bad and disrespectfull against my family and me. Now im 18 and i really regret this relationship, i feel really dirty ( we kissed but nothing more ) and i betrayed my family, who does everything for me, for him. He was a really bad influence and i even had to repeat the class because i never went to school. Now 3 years later i feel so bad and could cry all the time, how could i betray my family, how could i be in a relationship..i feel like i have no pride anymore.. Please help me how can i feel better. I fell so unpure and dirty..He also was offensive against my mother but i stand by his side and i just dont know why..

2012-09-04 15:05:15 -0500 commented answer my friends

thank you very much, youre so right :)

2012-09-03 08:28:45 -0500 asked a question Afraid of praying

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fathe ,

I know this will sound really weird but I need to talk to someone about this who knows about Gurbani and Guruji. I am always scared. Let me define my feelings :

For example i can't sleep alone, when I am alone at home i cant sleep. Im scared of ghosts or i dont know of what.. I told this my Nanniji and Mom, they told me to pray.. HERE STARTS THE PROBLEM.. everytime i try to pray i have such an strong feeling of fear inside me and i feel like someone is watching me..and i cant continue to pray and i always stop it..

Please help me, i dont want to be scared all the time..did i watch to many horrorfilms or did my friends told me too many stories about ghosts and evils..

2012-09-03 07:16:26 -0500 asked a question my friends

My friends ignore me , my friends dont listen to me, my friends make plans without me, my friends never call me, my friends talk infront of me and dont include me, its not that we are in a fight or something but its just like i dont feel like they include me i always feel this karma ? If im alone with one of them the are always normal but as soon as they get in a group i feel a bit ignored..that makes me cry...

2012-08-26 13:44:15 -0500 commented answer Fathers family destroy our life

thank you so much you really gave me hope :)