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Do an amritdhari girl is required to cover her head always?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji Waheguru ji, Its been 4 years since I have taken Amrit. I cover my head while reciting gurbani or doing path. But I don't cover my head all the time. I know that our kesh need to be covered.. It is there in the 52 hukams of Guru Gobind Singh ji. I also don't feel a problem in that. Infact I want to wear Dastar also but can't do it for some reasons. I am pursuing graduation and I go to college daily. I once wore dumalla for a samagam and I didn't wanted to take it off but I had to.. So, I started covering my head with a stall afterwards. But whenever there is a function or something, my friends who also are Amritdharis, but don't cover their heads, they ask me to remove the stall.. Atleast in the photographs. I also have heard from people that outside looks don't matter. This is dhong as I am not free from the 5 evils.. I have Ego, I get angry at small things. If I can't change my attitude, If I am not pure from inside.. Then wearing a stall always, and not attending functions, avoiding social interactions, not wearing earrings or doing make up.. These all things are of waste. Also the day I have started to forgone these things, My friends taunt me by saying bhagat ji.. Mahapursho Kind of words. These do feel good to hear but they can also increase the level of ego I have. We shouldn't hear praises for ourselves. Those who praise us, come to steal what we have earned while meditating. These things make people think that I am very religious and spiritual. Bhagat Namdev ji was so spiritual but no one knew about his spirituality. We should meditate while maintaining secrecy. I am very confused about all these things. I don't know what should I do.. Also my sister said that whatever I decide, I should maintain that thing my entire life. So if I chose to cover my head, I should do that all the time or not at all. Putting a stall whenever I feel like.. Is dhong and I should never do that. I am really confused about what Is right. Please guide me the right path sangat ji! Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ji