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maya seems to take over

When I say Maya I don't mean money. Instead I mean a major crush on someone. He is of the same religion and I think he also likes me. Sometimes I obsess about him so much and I try not to. I have had a crush on him for almost a year. I do Ardas to get over this crush and that I don't do anything bad. My Ardas is also for forgiveness for my lowly thinking because despite the fact that I should consider him my brother, I just can't get over the crush. I am 17 and he just turned 18. I keep telling myself that I am still kinda young but to no avail.

Please help, I really want to stop thinking about him. I can't stop seeing him though because we learn Gatka together and we see each other at the Gurdwara.

Forgive me please and please tell me what to do...