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what should i do now? i m shattered dont want to live anymore

i am a hindu girl indulge in following Sikhism since childhood, i was in a relationship of 5 yrs(adultery involved) with a sikh guy of well reputed family involved in promoting sikh principles he has never been committed to me but one day he said to take it fwd i was so happy and he told in his family..... His family asked me to meet, they called me 5 times in a year(holding the decision for a year)and asked me so many questions about me and about him....and i didn't let my family know about it nobody was there with me not even that man suddenly at the last moment that man denied giving me the reason that i m not compatible and left me. I got so shattered and kept complaining that why y u cheated me if u were not compatible why have u met me so many times..., And i blamed him for using me...... I don't know what was the exact reason of dumping me like this, i loved that person a lot i have given him crucial part of my life.... He has never been bothered of i felt i have said wrong to him i have spoken sorry and tried to sort it out but he dint answered my calls...a year has been passed and i still weeping on the plea that if i have committed any mistake i m ready to say sorry for everything and he didn't even apologies for anything he has Broken a seven years relationship in a fraction of minutes without discussing anything... His family took a third party opinion regarding compatibility..... Now i don't where is he whether married or unmarried... But i still it was so unjust. Kya kade guru de bande ehoja karsakde ne? Pata ni ki hoya mennu kuj ni daseya ki family ki chahndi just said that i m not compatible with you.