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blind faith?

asked 2015-09-04 03:19:55 -0600

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 faith is it just simply build on sadhna. The more i do it the more i will experience god (anand aka bliss) Do i just accept the fact that science cannot really describe every thing. After all (pita kat Janam keh Jane poot)

For example we got evolution right. Which is not really against sikhi, however scientists they say that the first cell was created randomly (spontaneous) and then the whole course of evolution happened.

But if it was a random process then why is it not happening randomly now. Scientists are trying to design a first cell from scratch.  But the thing is they still have to design it, it doesn't just happen randomly.  Even they tried to create the atmospheric conditions of the early world, but still no cell was created randomly.   My first question is how do you build faith with so many missing puzzle pieces. Because it could be shaken (by atheists).  Also In s sikhnet video (what is a prayer) it is said that there is nobody out there in the heavens listening to our prayers, it is just us. But in sikhi there is a concept of atma,  and Paramatma. Isn't our atma praying to Paratma.  So technically there has to be something that answers prayers.

Also .. what is the best way to be close to god.  Tysm :))

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answered 2015-09-22 22:18:59 -0600

Maverick gravatar image

I am a Canadian biology student, so maybe I can help you. Yes, evolution is correct and it is a fact. Sikhism actually fully supports it, because it supports all rational trains of thought. There are a number of theories about the first cell, some believe it was created spontaneously as you said above. Please consider that while scientists have made experiments, the chance of such a random occurrence happening experimentally, is very small, because while the first cell had 2.8B years to develop those experiments only lasted weeks at most. The earth is also much larger. Some scientists believe that the first cell was introduced by a foreign body. Also consider that scientists do not know the precise conditions on earth at the time of the first cell, they are making scientific hypothesis on the conditions. Furthermore, new cells may be being created spontaneously now, but they would most likely be very rare, and we are not observing every cell on earth to see where it comes from.

Atheists don't shake other peoples faith either. They have their own beliefs, and we have our own beliefs. They do not necessarily contradict us or shake us, they just don't believe in god. That is okay.

There may also be a chance that nobody is listening to your prayers, but that doesn't matter. You should still pray, because it helps you to organize your thoughts. Also, you never really know with any faith if it's working, but if you feel enough of a connection, I suggest you continue, even if no one is listening.

The best way to be close to God, is to serve God, by making the world a better place and helping humanity.

*I am Sikh, but I don't understand many of the Punjabi words you are using, so please try to use all English next time or give definitions. Thanks.

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answered 2015-09-23 12:37:50 -0600

anon gravatar image

i am a Canadian biology student too ^^ and will do

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