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asked 2015-09-04 03:19:55 -0600

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blind faith?

 faith is it just simply build on sadhna. The more i do it the more i will experience god (anand aka bliss) Do i just accept the fact that science cannot really describe every thing. After all (pita kat Janam keh Jane poot)

For example we got evolution right. Which is not really against sikhi, however scientists they say that the first cell was created randomly (spontaneous) and then the whole course of evolution happened.

But if it was a random process then why is it not happening randomly now. Scientists are trying to design a first cell from scratch.  But the thing is they still have to design it, it doesn't just happen randomly.  Even they tried to create the atmospheric conditions of the early world, but still no cell was created randomly.   My first question is how do you build faith with so many missing puzzle pieces. Because it could be shaken (by atheists).  Also In s sikhnet video (what is a prayer) it is said that there is nobody out there in the heavens listening to our prayers, it is just us. But in sikhi there is a concept of atma,  and Paramatma. Isn't our atma praying to Paratma.  So technically there has to be something that answers prayers.

Also .. what is the best way to be close to god.  Tysm :))