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Dead inside

asked 2015-09-01 12:56:18 -0600

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I am unable to feel the oneness with God.I have a feeling as if I am spiritually dead. As even when I am praying even at that moment I am unable to have a sense of God. 'Matha tek' is also an empty thing for me as i do not feel the essence of God in it. I am dry in doing the matha tek or listening to lirtan or doing 'paath'.

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answered 2015-09-01 15:15:12 -0600

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Start by working on yourself. Learn how to meditate and practice it every day. When you matha tek, do it consciously. Keep your forehead down on the floor for 10-15 seconds and ask Guru Ji to soften your heart and get you out of your head.

"Why, O my mind, do you worry and plan, when God is taking care of your every need? Even those tiny creatures that live in the rocks and stones, God has given them all their food. || 1 || O Lord of all, the one who merges in the company of the True Ones is saved. By Guru’s Grace, one is enlightened, and fresh green leaves sprout from the dead wood." - ANG 10 Guru Arjan Dev Ji

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