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i want love of waheguru

asked 2015-05-22 04:35:20 -0600

guru ka sewak gravatar image

waheguru waheguru i want blisss of naaaam. i am amritdhaari and i had a lot of bad feelings and thoughts about guru sahib and waheguru but now i am totally clear and under the blessings of waheguru and satguru .now i am scared that these bad thoughts dnt come to my mind of guru sahib. now i want the blessings of 10 gurus and guru granth sahib i just want gift of waheguru that is i want the darshan of guru sahib. may guru help me and i also want that how to focus on naaam and gurbani. so that i would get full faith in waheguru and guru and get pyaar of guru sahib.

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answered 2015-05-22 12:31:49 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Waheguru Ji - It is your own devotion that can bring this blessing. It requires complete trust in the Guru along with complete surrender. Mathe Tek and keep your head down. Consciously surrender. Cast aside all other thoughts. Offer yourself unconditionally to your Guru and lay the deepest longing of your heart at His charan.

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Asked: 2015-05-22 04:35:20 -0600

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