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How can you know what Guru is thinking of you?

asked 2015-04-29 07:39:07 -0500

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I've done bad stuff in the past and have got a lot pain and punishment from it but how do you what the Guru thinks or knows of you because of it. It's difficult to word, I know Mahraj Ji is forgiving and knows everything but how do you know you are forgiven and how do you know if you're still bad in the Guru's eyes? I sometimes feel like I've been forgiven and then something bad happens or I feel like I'm still paying for what I've done.

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answered 2015-04-29 10:17:36 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Your question shows a rather Christian approach to the Guru as a judge outside of you who judges you as good or bad. The Guru isn't "thinking" anything about you. The closer you approach him, the more he comes inside of you. It's time to work on your relationship with your Guru, not as an external judge, but rather as a part of yourself.

As the final Slok of Japji Sahib says:

Pavan guroo paanee pitaa maataa Dharat mahat. divas raat du-ay daa-ee daa-i-aa khaylai sagal jagat. chang-aa-ee-aa buri-aa-ee-aa vaachai Dharam hadoor. karmee aapo aapnee kay nayrhai kay door.

"Air is the Guru... Water the Father... and Earth the great Mother of all. In the laps of the two nurses, Night and Day, The whole world lives in an endless play. We must judge the results of our own actions. By our actions we live near or far... (from the One.")

It is you who judge yourself.

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