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god's shadow

asked 2014-12-15 03:25:04 -0500

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hello everyone my name is jaskaran Singh and I am asking this question in the hope that you will give me the right answer. I am an international student studying in new Zealand. before coming to new Zealand my parents took me to the golden temple in Amritsar to get the blessings of waheguruji. both of my parents prayed for me and asked god to be with their beloved son and hold his hand every time. don't let him to do anything wrong in his life. my beloved mom prayed in front of my eyes and said that "plz rabb ji mere Mundey di baah farh ke apne naal le ke jana te kadi ehdi baah na chhadna, enhu changey paasey val laana, bure karma to bachana te sikhi swaroop ch hi rakhna taaki eh koi galat kam na karey" I was very happy to study overseas. after coming to new Zealand, I started reading the gurbani, I used to read japji sahib on the first day of my college and I continued it only for one month. I also practised reading rehrar sahib in the evening. I was feeling that everything is under my favour, god is with me and he is helping me in each and everything. I can raise the pride of turban and show other cutting boys that what can a Sikh boy do by maintaining his proper personality. but all the enjoyness didn't last long I stopped practising gurbani and stopped visiting gurudwara sahib. I got demotivated that a turban boy cannot get a job easily and I thought its true because I was struggling to get job. now I have spent almost 9 months in NZ and I haven't practised gurbani in the past 8 months. now my life has became more miserable and worst. when I woke up in the morning everyday and starts wrapping turban. I felt that I am alone now, no one is with me. the charms and happiness of my life has gone away. and babaji has left my hand, he's not with me now, babaji has gone very far from me now. he'll never come back and I know its my mistake that left following gurbani and started doing evil things. I started doing evil things. but now I have realised my mistake and I want to become a good human now I want to raise my parent's head with pride. I want babaji to hold my hand again. I am crying everyday. and when I was visiting the gurudwara yesterday, the bhaiji was doing the katha and he was asking that does we people know that what is the aim of a SIKH ? and I was answerless. what is the aim of a Sikh, I want to know that. I want babaji to come in my life again and bless me I want him to forgive me for all of my sins. I want to bwcome a successful person will babaji ... (more)

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answered 2014-12-16 11:04:51 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Dear Bhai Sahib,

The aim of a Sikh is to worship God which therefore leads to ending our cycle of rebirths. Do sewa during the day and jaap naam. Read the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Give everything a purpose... Why am I learning geology? To learn about the richness of the earth Waheguru gave us. Why am I learning English Language Arts (ELA/English)? So i can write poetry to help myself and other understand waheguru. Why am I learning how to play music? To play and sing great raags from the guru.

I converted to Sikhism in February 2014. From February to about July, I hadn't changed. Speaking vulgar, lusting, committing egotistical deeds, etc. Since May I had done my nitnem, but I hardly understood the message Guruji meant, though I read it in my native language English. Then I tuned into Guruji. Listen to Guruji and contemplate the words of the sri guru granth sahib ji. You will be rewarded by good deeds.

Thank Waheguru everyday for all he has given to you and take a hukamnama and ask how to get back on track.

Your name "Jaskaran" means "singer of the lords praises". Sing Waheguru, hum it in your head all day even during your classes and study time. Take a preselected shabad and sing it (I use Mul Mantra) during the day and also when you feel as if something is wrong.

No matter how embarrasing something may what Guruji would do. I suffer a bit from what you are suffering from, but what I posted above is helping me to a maximum as well as asking yourself deep questions like "What is God?" and chew on something like that for the whole day.

I pray that you are given a boat to cross this dark ocean. With great love,

Bhagat Das Singh (the Foolish Donkey)

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