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Possible Arranged Marriage, What Should I Expect?

asked 2014-11-30 19:32:05 -0500

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I have been a Sikh for almost two months now. I did research and studied before I joined on the history, the rules to follow to be a Sikh, and documentaries on events such as 1984, the issues with turbans and the workplace and educational institutions, and Sikhs fighting against and with the British Army. I was born and raised in America but with more old fashioned traditional values. I was taught about God, but not raised with religion. I joined Sikhism because it feels natural to me, like the way I was taught to live as a young child. My concern here is that I have been speaking with a man from Gurudwara and talks of a future has come up. I am aware of arranged marriages, and I do want a Sikh Punjabi husband, but I really want to know what all to expect from this and what is expected of me. I like him, but not sure how serious he is. No arrangements are made, but the topic does come up. His family is not in my state and I barely have any family. I would have to rely on Gurudwara community to be my family if I marry.

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answered 2014-12-01 18:03:09 -0500

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To be honest, I think you should really think carefully about this. Because in my local gurudwara we had a girl like you and all aunties we're talking to her in order to get thier relatives a green card.

What should you do?

Listen to the man. This man!

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Where is my husband? - YouTube Video

Personally I have bad experiances with arranged marriage and I see my relatives have bad Love marriages. But I like the idea of Bhakti marriage. Now when you google bhakti/bhagti marriage you won't find anything. But the defenition is that husband and wife are not connected with love for each other because it's temporal (ALOT of factors involved). But it's love for god that keeps them together, because love for god is eternal.

Sounds good but I only heard this when my highschool invited a hare krishna for representing hinduism (I lived in the middle of nowhere).

Best Regards /Cloud

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