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asked 2014-07-24 06:10:33 -0500

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i am a sinner, i have done a huge mistake. does god will forgive me for that ? please tell me will babaji forgive me or not ? WJKK WJKF my life has become miserable. it has been ruined it seems to me that i am even doing foolishness by asking this question but i have to share and talk with some people about it. the story is i am studying in new zealand and i am living with some other indian boys which are elder than me. i am only 18 and they all treat me like their real young brother.they were very supportive to me becoz they are my uncle's friend. what shit happened was i was only sikh boy studying in the nz government tertiary institute. i am an international student. one day a new proper sikh boy came to my college and when i saw him i greeted him. he was from village background and he was not able to cope up with nz education. he wasd underaged and he was not able to live alone so he was living with a nz family. he was not able to find any indian people around the place where he was living. whenever he met me, he started crying and say that i don't wanna live here. i helped him talk with the administration to move that guy with me but the college denied. i helped him giving by him company. i even woke up till late nights and made his assignments, spoiled my own results. explained everything to him and helped him sorting out every problem. what happened one day that two boys tell something strange about that boy like he called one of those boys and sent about 50,0000 indian rupee to his girlfriend to india and he asked his parents for sending money to him for his own expenses which he sent to his GF. i didn't believe those guys but then i think that its his personal life he can do whatever he wants. i was sharing everything with him, he said that now he can live alone and he is going to get a house on rent where he will be living with some other students, he insist me to live with him but i said bro i am happy in the place where i am living but i am having some issues with my flatmates and i shared evrything with him. he was constantly requesting me to live with him and i refused by saying that i will see. one day he was teasing my by saying that you are rich, you are earning money by doing various things, we were having fun. he was constantly teasing me and in joke i also said to him that you are more richer than me as you can send a huge amount to your gf. he said to me that who told you, i haven't done that and then i ... (more)

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answered 2014-08-12 11:21:26 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

First you have to forgive yourself. You acted out of attachment (moh) and you are now sorry for that. It does not matter if your flatmates become friendly to you as they were. Give up your attachment to their approval and affection. They have shown themselves to be false.It's not your job to do anything about the guy you tried to help. Your intentions were sincere. At this point, it is his karma. Not yours. Whenever you do something in order to be liked or to get approval from someone else, you will be disappointed. Work on yourself. Deal with your own anger and stop blaming others. Give up this drama in which you have become enmeshed and allow your Guru to arrange your affairs for you. He will do a better job than you could ever do.

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answered 2014-08-13 06:47:04 -0500

jaskaran gravatar image

thnx singh ji i have now made up my mind to forget everything and pray to babaji for a better life for me.

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