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Bad Sangat

asked 2014-03-30 14:10:24 -0600

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updated 2014-03-30 14:19:05 -0600

What do you have to do if you're in a escalading situation envolving bad people? Please, help me How to see the difference between the Ku-sangat and the Sadh Sangat?

How to ultimately become Closer to Sadh Sangat?

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answered 2014-04-04 15:21:53 -0600

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It is very easy to differentiate between the two. One will bring out humbleness and naturally you will be at peace and other crowd you will feel a sense of separation. Sometimes you may not be able to get close to sadh sangant due to your own actions. Remember mind over matter. The way of becoming closer to sash sanghat is by naturally creating barriers within yourself, i.e your in a group of friends gossiping and thats a natural indication. Think if guru ji was here would he allow himself to be around such situations. MIND over matter. Also it doesn't mean you have to be rude to any one that doesn't seem like sadhsangat it just means you remain a little more weary. Hope this helps.

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