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What Yogi Bhajan meant by saying this that "Sikh religion has not started yet" and "it will be started in 2038"

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“We have to come to the realization of who we are”

        There are eighteen million Sikhs on the planet Earth at this time, recorded and unrecorded, and we are one among them.  But I don’t agree that Sikh religion has yet started. 

        I think we have been hired by time and space to carry Siri Guru Granth from generation to generation.  Beyond this, I don’t think we even understand what Sikh dharma is. 

        Yes indeed, in the crossing of the next century, it will be very elaborately understood and then it will be practiced.  Timing so calculated through the heavenly force and the earthly force,the calculation comes to 2038, so there are a lot of years. We have to go through the prosperity now and then we have to come to the realization of who we are…

It is very difficult for a man to even conceive the idea that there is something which is nothing and responsible for everything. The concept of God is not yet understood…

The bottom line of Siri Guru Granth is: “Don’t be an idiot! Don’t waste your time. You are God. Just live it! You are not subject to time. You are not subject to space. You are here!”

Well i agree with Yogi Bhajan but can this be further explained.

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answered 2019-12-16 10:31:11 -0600

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Someone once asked Yogiji about the role of our generation, the first generation of teachers trained by him in the 60s and 70s. He innocently asked, "Sir, is our generation the foundation upon which our children and their children will build Sikh Dharma?" Yogiji's reply? "No! You are not the foundation. You are not even the dirt upon which the foundation shall be built. You are the hole in the dirt."

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