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The Sikh history is full of martrydoms but the Sikhs always got something from these martrydoms.Like on 16th june 1606,Guru Arjun Dev ji got martrydom and after that we got Akal Takht.After that Guru Tegh Bahadur got martyred on 24th november 1675 from that the birth of Khalsa took place on 30th march 1699.After that four Sahibzadas got martyred and Guru Gobind Singh ji after listening the news of martrydom of chote Sahibzadas said that it will lead to the end of Mughal rule form India and after that Banda Singh Bahadur conquered sarhind and bringed the Khalsa raj in Sarhind in 1710.In 1746 the chota Ghallughara(Holocaust) happened in which more than 8,000 Sikhs got martryed.After that in 1762 Wadda Ghallughara happened in which around 50,000 Sikhs got martyred.After that from 1764 - 1799 the Sikh misls fight each other for control of territories and from 1799-1839 Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. Jallianwala Bagh massacre in which 1300 punjabis got martryed on 13th april 1919 and in 1947 Punjab got its independence from British. On 6th june1984 when the Akal takht got martyred and from 1984-1995 more than 1 lakh Sikhs got martyred in India and it served to spread Sikhs and Sikhi all over the world and it pushed us out of our comfort zones.Today Sikhs can be found all over the World spreading the message of Sikh Gurus by their own example laying the foundation of the coming World of Khalsa ideology. Secondly what i want to say is that Budhhism which was originated in India due to Muslim invasions spread all over Asia. And thirdly the Shaktipeeths,the Shrines or mandirs of Goddess Durga were made where ever the body parts of Durga fell out from the sky there a mandir was built in its rememberance like Naina devi near Anandpur Sahib.There are around 52 Shaktipeeths in South Asia.Similarly from which i want to say is that the martyrs from 1980-1995 in the Sikh history lead to the building of hundreds of Gurudwaras in the World outside India.I also want to say that there is a line in which the poet says "Jado Dulda Khoon Shaheeda da Takdeera Badldiya Kauma Di"

"Ashkon Se Jisne Seechi Zameen Woh Toh Kaatega Ek Din Fasale Hussi Ki Fasale Kushi Ki Hai Yakeen" "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed to sow, will come home with songs of joy, carrying their sheaves." --- A song of Ascents, Psalm 126.

From this i mean that the sikh history is full of pain,torture and sacrifices so their destiny must be to rule the world.

What do you think about my this article?.

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