What Guru Gobind Singh said about 960 million Khalsa,Khalsa raj ?What Yogi Bhajan did for it?What is the age of Aquarius to do with it and what is the problem ? [closed]

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First of all what i understood from Guruka Singh and through my own understanding.

Guru Gobind Singh ji made Khalsa in 1699 by giving a rehit ,displine and way of life to the Sikhs.He said there will be 960 million Khalsa in the four corners of the world which will give a humble and peaceful rule to the humanity.

Sikhs migrated from India in the western countries and made Gurudwaras there.Many cut their hair and forgotten the teachings of Gurus but there are still some Gursikhs there who love their Gurus.

Yogi Bhajan came in the west introduced Kundlani yoga and Sikh Dharma to the western people and made Sikh Yogis.As yoga is more known to the people of the World then Sikhism and it starts by simple postures and chanting.People are more easily connected to it and Yoga is also a medium to become enlightened.So to knowing Sikhism can be bypassed by the Kundlani yoga follower.So as much there is propoganda of Kundlani yoga is there its not like with Sikhism teachings like even reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib or knowing Sikh history.

The age of Aquarius promises universal consciousness,purity of mankind etc.So what Yogi Bhajan meant by Age of Aquarius that it is the age of Nanak or Shabad Guru and by 2038 people will request to come to sikhi fold and thats how we will become 960 million.

The problem is that the majority of the Sikhs who live in Punjab and many who wear turbans are corrupt,take Drugs or alcohol.So they are not the real Khalsa.The real Khalsa in the world is very rare but that doesn't mean that Guru Gobind Singh ji's prophecy of 960 million Khalsa will only do Kundlani Yoga and will not be with Bani and Bana.Actually its the other way around that the Khalsa will be with Bani and Bana and many will do Kundlani Yoga as well.Even though it doesn't look possible today but a miracle is going to happen in the next 20 years.

I wrote this to clear my consciousness and if someone wants to add or doesn't agree with it please say.

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