In reality when will be 960 million Khalsa and Khalsa raj ?

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Well through discussions on Sikhnet questions and by reading Yogi Bhajan articles and other articles there are many dates which have been given importance like 2012 - the dawn of Aquarian age,2025- people will inhabit space,2035-Age of purity begins or the foundation of Guru Ramdas RajYog Takht is laid in Ramdaspuri,2038-The Era of SirI Guru Granth begins or Sikhism becoming the dominant religion on the Earth or People requesting Khalsa for help and want to live with them,2060-Children taking birth during these times will be telepathic.

I might see my Grandchildren getting born as telepathic.But the question arises when there will be 960 million Khalsa and Khalsa raj.Well i was listening to Swami Ramdev and he was saying on the national television infront of thousands of people that there is a big probability that after 100 -150 years there will be again the rise of kingdoms like of Sikh Empire and what Yogi Bhajan believes that after 2038 the Sun of Khalsa will start.So,with in 100-150 years there is a big Probability that things will come true .The prophecy of 960 million and Khalsa raj is of Guru Gobind Singh ji so i believe that around 500th prakash utsav of Guru Gobind Singh ji in 2120 - 2170 the prophecy will come true.

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