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When will Khalsa raj will come in the middle or in the end of Aquarian age? [closed]

asked 2019-09-06 00:10:25 -0500

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As i live in India the life of Krishna is very much famous here and it is dramatized in Mahabharat that the rule of pandavs came in the end of Dwaparyug and even the Grandson of pandav met kalyug who hypnotized him to bring the age of Kalyug similarly the British raj came in almost the end of piscean age as in 1947 India got independence and piscean age finished in 2012.As both the rule of pandavs and british happened for few hundred years and later the age changed.But if time has to create 960 million Khalsa to do 5000 years of rule then it can only happen in the middle or end of Aquarian age.

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answered 2019-09-06 10:40:22 -0500

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You answered your own question.

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