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Is the world we live in, is actually hell ?

asked 2019-08-01 09:34:58 -0500

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updated 2019-08-01 11:18:51 -0500

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does my hypothesis seems true ? or sounds like nonsense?

We took birth in this hell because of our bad Karma in our previous lives.

This life we live in is the actual hell.

We sent in to serve our time (Kaal), like a accused gets sentenced to 30 years in prison

All the Gurus and other great men had pity on watching us suffering came to this hell show us the truth and wanted us to get out of this hell; but they never told the truth as it is so that we don't shatter, they sugarcoated and told us that this world is false

When we are sent to this life our memories are wiped clean so that we don't have to bear suffering of more than one life time

After serving our time sincerely we will be eventually parolled from this.

Some people who do more bad things in this hell get pushed to deeper levels of hell ( as Guru Gobind Singh Ji said "Tumho Puri Chaturdas Kanta" you are lord 14 realms (6 levels of heaven, earth and 7 levels of hell).

God created Maya ( like prisons have Tvs and extra activites) so that we dont always suffer in this hell nad have some joy (as he is merciful)

A prisoner knows he is imprisoned because he was once a free man, if a convict was born in the prison and dies there, there is no way of him knowing that the real world exists outside ( Similar to our life)

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answered 2019-08-01 11:18:54 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Hell is a state of mind and so is heaven. Guru Ji talks of the "the three worlds:" the earth, the underworld and the heavens. Earth is Dharam Khand. This is where we pay our karmas and our souls mature. Hell is the place where souls who have lived lives that separated them from awareness of the One in their own consciousness dwell. It is a state of utter loneliness and despair in which one is completely trapped by their own attachments and lost in their ego. Heaven is the state of Sat Nam in which we see the One in everything and everyone.

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