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What is Ramdaspuri ?What is Raj yog Takht of Guru Ram Das?Is it will be like Golden Temple of Amritsar?

asked 2019-07-13 01:30:21 -0600

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Guruka Singh gravatar image One day you shall participate to build at Guru Ram Das Puri the Raaj Yog Takhat of Guru Ram Das. Takhat Raaj Yog. You will build it . It will be unique and it shall live thereafter. It is destined to set the vibration and to give you and your children and grandchildren 5000 years of peaceful living. In the year 2035 you'll establish the base of it.

This was said by Yogi Bhajan in 7/06/88.31 years before.Today in 2019 only 16 years are left do you think that it will be possible to complete its base by 2035 ?

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answered 2019-07-15 10:26:54 -0600

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                    The Temple of Steel is built.
                    The light of wisdom sheds its brilliance.
                    Today, the wrongdoers are fearful.
                    Today, the Khalsa Nation
                    Has made the proclamation.
                    The conscientious being will certainly live.
                    Today, the evil-doer has died.
                    This is the Nation of all religions.
                    There is simplicity and grace in this order.
                    This is the end of wrong living.
                    Today, only truth is acknowledged.
                    Today, there is no weakness.
                    Today, steadfastness rules supreme.
                    From the Master of the two worlds,
                    Humanity is born.
                    Through the test of steel, Khalsa is born.
                    Through the test of steel, comes the vigour of a life well-lived.
                    The face shines the radiance of spirit
                    And speaks of self-respect
                    To carry others across the fire of the world.
                    This itself is the inner music.
                    The flag of truth is hoisted.
                    Untrue living is put to death.
                    The path of love is straight and true.
                    On this path, there is no loss or gain.
                    The steel has become red hot.
                    It has branded truth on our foreheads.
                    The Temple of Steel is built.
                    The light of wisdom sheds its brilliance.
                    We shall live our lives in truth.
                    This is the Guru’s blessing.
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