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What is White tantric yoga?Is Black tantric yoga real?How they are different?

asked 2019-06-07 06:36:09 -0600

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Is White Tantric Yoga Divine and Black Tantric Yoga Evil.I know Black tantra is done by muslim people and some Bengalis.Is it real? How is Durga or Goddess Kali related to it.

I have seen White tantric yoga schedule in the western countries but why the classes does not happen in India.Is in India only Black magic happens not white magic or India is not ready for White tantric yoga classes.When it will start in India or in Delhi?

Is there any relationship between white tantric yoga and Sikhism and 960 million Khalsa or Khalsa raj and aquarian age.

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answered 2019-06-07 11:12:03 -0600

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updated 2019-06-07 11:15:20 -0600

Envision the energy of the universe as both parallel and perpendicular in nature, like a cloth woven together. As a cloth becomes stronger when it is stretched on the diagonal, so the White Tantric Yoga diagonal, or ‘Z’ energy is stronger. This energy, when directed by the Mahan Tantric, cuts through the blocks that are stuck in the subconscious mind.

Using the diagonal energy, the Mahan Tantric connects his subtle body to the subtle bodies of the participants through the course facilitator. This works the same way as a worldwide telephone system that relies on satellites and electromagnetic energy in order to connect two parties.

White Tantric is a powerful way to cleanse one's mind and deepen awareness. It is one tool among many that has helped many to work through karmas quickly so that the destiny may be realized.

White Tantric Yoga should not be confused with black or red tantric. Those forms of yoga also transform energy, but in a different way and for different purposes. Black tantric directs the energy to manipulate another human being and red tantric directs the energy solely for sexual purposes.

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