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Hola Mohalla

asked 2019-03-21 18:35:11 -0600

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WJKK WJKF! I know in Sikhi we do not celebrate Holi, but instead, we celebrate Hola Mohalla. I have seen celebrations at Anandpur Sahib and was just curious as to why we still throw color. I see mock battles and gatka going on but at the same time, we throw color in the air. I have also seen Nihang Baba Nihal Singh Ji on their horse and throw color behind them. Aren't we still celebrating Holi by throwing color?? Bhula chuka di maafi. WJKK WJKF!

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answered 2019-03-27 09:46:16 -0600

sarabsingh gravatar image

Personally, I think festivals are festivals. They are to bring us together. When people live together, some things get intermingled. In USA it is ok to celebrate Christmas, or Thanksgiving. Stay away from dirty politics as much as you can. Open yourself to enjoy life. You will get closer to Waheguru ! Choice is yours.

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