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Confusion Stress

asked 2018-09-09 07:20:11 -0500

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There is a confusion these days with my mind that whenever I heard of any religious place then my mind forcefully things that I will go to that place I will go to that place repeatedly again and again but I have no intention to visit that religious place at that time so then is it become compulsory to visit. It does not mean that I don't want to visit any religious place but when automatically my mind forcefully things of any religious place then some pictures are made in my mind so what can I do at that time?

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answered 2018-09-09 16:32:01 -0500

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Gurbani will definately help you heal but I think that in the meantime you may want to see a counsellor for some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It works on breaking this cycle of compulsions and obsessions. I have a friend who did it (overcame his OCD) through Gurbani but some people need more structure from a counsellor first. In which case you could see a doctor to arrange that. You have to break that cycle of thoughts and actions, training yourself that it is not compulsory to visit. You can read more about CBT online. I suggest seeing a doctor and then the counsellor can suggest some things to get you on the right track.

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Means if my mind forcefully says itself to go to that place but i have no intention .. Means then it us not compulsory

Me gravatar imageMe ( 2018-09-09 16:40:15 -0500 )edit


Me gravatar imageMe ( 2018-09-09 16:40:38 -0500 )edit

The word compulsory and compulsion means two different things. It isnt compulsory, you dont intend to go, but you feel you must go based on that thought. That is a compulsion. You don't have to go, but you feel like you do because of the obsession.

strongKaur gravatar imagestrongKaur ( 2018-09-09 16:49:35 -0500 )edit

That means it just a thought

Me gravatar imageMe ( 2018-09-09 18:30:04 -0500 )edit

If a person wants to go somewhere then his willingness matters ? And if mind All the time itself says to go Somewhere then nothing matters ?

Me gravatar imageMe ( 2018-09-09 18:32:32 -0500 )edit

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