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What is Kar Sewa?

asked 2018-06-01 08:48:53 -0600

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Why any sort of Sewa done in any Gurdwara known as Kar Sewa?

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answered 2018-06-01 10:00:53 -0600

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Kar Seva is derived from the words kar, meaning hands or work, and seva, meaning service. The deeper spiritual meaning is "to worship, to adore, to pay homage through the act of love. i.e., God serving God, God loving God." In Gurbani, these two meanings of seva (service and worship) have been merged. Seva is expected to be a labour of love performed without desire or intention, in loving humility. Kar seva is often translated as "voluntary labour." According to tradition, Guru Hargobind had the Akal Takht built entirely through kar seva. When the Mughal emperor Jahangir visited the site, he offered help for the construction. The Guru is said to have politely refused the offer stating that the Akal Takht should be constructed by the Sikhs using their own hands. Since it involves voluntary work by the community, kar seva is considered the most respected method for building our Langar Halls and Gurdwaras.

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