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in ardaaas there is quote jina gurudhama to panth nu vichodya gya.. here is it refer to nankana sahib punja sahib if it is then when it is added cause it happens in 1947 and ardaas was written in 17-18 century

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what it is mean by "jinna gurudhama To pant nu vichodya gya una de khule darshan isnaan" please clear my doubt

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answered 2018-01-04 12:57:10 -0500

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It was added later. "Akal Takht enjoined upon the entire Khalsa Panth on January 25, 1952 to add the following lines to the Ardas: “O Immortal Being, eternal helper of Thy Panth, benevolent Lord, bestow on the Khalsa the beneficence of unobstructed visit to and free management of Nankana Sahib and other shrines and places of the Guru from which the Panth has been separated.”"

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