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I really need some advice or help for what I may be doing wrong.

asked 2017-11-23 17:59:21 -0500

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Someone I love very much is very very ill, and I've been doing ardaas for him daily since I found out, but today I heard that his condition has gotten worse. Am I not praying correctly? Just to be completely clear with those reading, I pray for him to get well, not for me but because he has a life to live, hes such a promising shining star and he deserves to be healthy and live a full and amazing life. Someone, anyone please please please help me I've never been so scared before.

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answered 2017-11-23 19:06:11 -0500

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hey, I am sorry to hear about your friend/relative/loved one's illness. You aren't doing the Ardas wrong. It is good that you are praying for him. Is he able to pray as well, or is he too ill to pray? His prayers will matter more in being able to heal the disease affecting him. (Have you heard of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam mission? They emphasize using Gurbani to heal in addition to the traditional western medicines we have to heal. ). If he is not able to pray please play Gurbani 24/7 in his presence. If possible, have people doing simran directly around him. It will make a big difference. Sometimes things are able to be miraculously healed, and sometimes they don't and the person succumbs to their illness, but God is the one who decides.I know you are scared, but rather put that fearful energy and try to use it instead to pray and to trust God. You are doing the right thing my friend. Please feel free to write anytime.

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