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how to stop this

asked 2017-03-26 20:09:56 -0500

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in australia people are well known of sikhs but they have to keep putting reminders in the newspaper to stop discrimination.such as"we are the 7/11 types not the 9/11 types.but people choose to ignore it and egg the gudawara ,.they continue to be mean .but the sikh here will try there best of educating the people but they will just say go bak to own country ..most of us was born here

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answered 2017-03-27 01:53:41 -0500

Not at all Punjabi gravatar image

updated 2017-03-27 07:22:11 -0500

Be it Australia or any other nation on Earth, the efforts to educate the people must continuously go on but the truth is Expatriates will always remain Expatriates, even after a century of their existence in the adopted homeland they will still be regarded as Outsiders.

I don't know from which country you originally belong to but i have a question for you, let's take a hypothetical situation......if a White Australian family decides to settle in for example Pakistan, would the White family get the same respect which they used to get in their home country Australia? Will the Moslems of Pakistan welcome White Australians?

Another example, if the same White Australian family instead of Pakistan, decides to settle down in the Indian Province of Punjab, will the Punjabi Sikhs give respect and honor to the White family?

Think over it as to what i am trying to say.......................

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answered 2017-03-31 03:31:24 -0500

Gurmukh singh gravatar image

Through love, kindness and true knowldge we can stop this. Never mind what people are thinking , just do your best. By helping people giving them knowledge is helpful. Guru nanak dev ji taught people very politely and by listening their teachings mind set of people started to change. We should learn good attributes from our gurus. Ths is not the way that if any suppose african people shifted to india (or any other country)then for their entire life they will not get respect . This is not true. May be at initial interactions they will feel uncomfortable but after sometime indian neighbour get used to. They will start behaving like for others.if the african people by their behaviour, their kindness help their neighbours ,nothing will go wrong. Only our mind( collection of thoughts) are responsible . If we develop our thoughts that we all are children of GOD then this discrimination falls. We have to provide knowledge. Dont worry atlast happenings are under the hukam of God

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