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Personally, if this had happened to me, my mom would have murdered me right there and then if she were to find out about something like this. I agree that you shouldn't abandon your ex and your unborn child. It would be best if you decided to marry this women, so that you can both properly raise the child. Although, if the conflicts in the relationship can't be fixed, I think you should still support your ex and help her through this process. I can't tell you what to do, but I think you should tell your mom yourself. It's better you tell her first rather than someone else telling her. The Indian community is very shrewd and narrow-minded, and I'm sure no auntie would pass up the opportunity to gossip about you and your family. Sure, your mom will be upset with this news, but part of growing up and accepting your mistakes is admitting them. As a believer in God, I'm sure you know the right thing to do. Just tell the truth, it's what Guru Sahib Ji would expect of you too. Good luck, this is a really difficult situation to be in.