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2019-04-30 21:09:40 -0500 asked a question 33 old girl and still unmarried

Ssa ji, even am losing hope now. I have always trusted the almighty to do whats best for his children but am 33 yrs old soon to be 34 and not even single qualifying rishta is coming. I dont know what to do, it breaks my heart to see some people get everything without even trying where as i always had to work hard to be where i am. I am educated, self independent, working and good looking girl but i dont know why babaji is still making me wait. My family is constantly worried. I am in US currently, Please let know if there are any matrimonial services offered here in US or if there’s any paath i can do to help my destiny

2019-04-30 20:55:26 -0500 answered a question marriage issues

I am giing through the same thing and i have turned 33. I believe in guru ji that everything happens with his wish, but am getting really scared now whats gonna happen. For some reason there were never any suitable alliances came. I am an educated and working female and i always wanted a educated guy but most of the punjabi guys in usa are in trucking and does not have educated background. Please someone suggest something.