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God knows my grief...well thank u for taking out time to advice me.

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Thank u so much...your words gave me strength.

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They say that i insulted them in front of the society leaving their house and staying at my mums place since two and a half months they cannot bear this insult....

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My husband is removing all my pics with him on social media ...he is thinking that i dnt love him...but i called him 100s of time but he is nt ready to talk ....he is blocking me everywhere so that i can not connect with him...h3 is not ready sort things out ...he is not ready to listen to me

2019-02-11 13:13:52 -0500 commented answer Need a very tough situation

My husband is not ready totalk to me ...they are making the situation more difficult they think that i dnt have any bond with them thats why i came with my mom to my hometown with my they are nt contacting me and dnt want me to go back to my in laws place...

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2019-02-07 23:17:16 -0500 asked a question Need a very tough situation

Waheguru ji ka khalsa ,waheguru ji ki fateh...i am married since last one year ...we enquired about the family...the response was good...their behaviour towards me is gud except for some issues.....but the problem is that they do not stick to their the issue since the beginning was that ...they do not give me the pocket money (as i was newly married and after 3 months i became pregnant i cud not do the job)....we tried to resolve this matter so many times and they agreed but later again they changed their words..they say that servants take the pocket money not daughters in law ..i have a narrow thinking ....after marriage also when i came to my maternal home for the first time ..they gave nothing in my hand and sent me empty handed and when i objected they started having issues like pekke kon lai ke janda h assi lokka ne hun shuru kitta h es age vich ....

and the other issue is that my sis in law always speaks ill words for me whenever i ask for anything to my husband regarding my interests which involves money they ask me to take it from my mom in law... ...she says mummy(pekke) ne paise diye hain wo ni use karti humse mangti rehti hai...apne shauk khud poore karo ...yaha se paisa le ke jayegi mayke degi...FD mein humara naam nahi hai ....maa pyo aaye c minnata karan ki saddi kudi naal vyah kar lo (however THEY raised the issue during roka ki roka vadiya karo maan sammaan hona chaida THEY called for the meeting) Mere relatives jo v de ke jaande ne my mom in law keeps it saying that ohna nu agge vartana hunda hai... is it right ? I agree that they do for me ...but i had these issues which i have mentioned above..they said that hamesha complaints karti rehti h...

And each time when me and my hubby have an arguement in the room (like if i ask him for gifts or we never went for outing alone ...or if i have any. issue about his family) My husband always says i cant live with u i will leave you and immediately goes to his mom due to which we face more problems as the whole family interferes in our matter.....hubby says tu mannu meri family de against bhardi hain...

And now the main issue that led to dispute is that the day i lost my daughter i heard my mom in law speaking against my family....i was hurt badly and the same day i told all this to my husband in the room ...he got angry that sharam nahi andi dehari kudi di death( just after 15 days of when she was born ) hoi te raati tu mannu ehh sabb bol rahi h...kudi da gam nahi h tennu...but i cud nt hear his mom's word and was badly hurt ... (more)