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Guruka Singh thank you for your insight. It's better not to entertain these worldly things, so I will not be so quick to accuse because that is not ok, I know at least 50% of what I see is from self. I question the intentions of what lays out there but to find peace is in what you said, the truth.

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Hello, for sometime now I have learned shapes and sounds associated with different languages, as well as developing personal calligraphy. I did this while spending many years away from people. Now a days my ears feel the words much differently than before. I don't know if I am going mad, but it's as if when I look as I drive around anywhere, or see marketed items in a store; I feel this sense that a veil has been lifted compared to what the words were telling me earlier on. Children would be unlikely to see it. To me there is a manipulative nature to it and I am looking for Sikh advice. I live in America and with anything published, I first read it, then look at the shapes used, then my brain reads it as if it were a barcode or picture. The words don't have to be in order. The lifted veil I spoke of is inviting in nature- but I always feel a sense of mistrust to it. ( A simple magazine on the shelf can do this to me) The bible in many ways describes the system of things as it exists (The rules of the game) and it requires certain ears and certain eyes to read it. My question is, in the Sikh way, how do I find peace when I see nuances of sex, and race associations, hatred, and everything that runs into our deepest weaknesses plastered everywhere in the world down to the last letter. What should I do when someone starts speaking in tongues in essence to try introduce deceptive commentary? Some are aware of it and others are not aware of these forms of language.