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2014-03-26 23:16:08 -0500 commented answer Forehead tingling (Third eye area)

seeing future past is also not a big deal .u will be able to see after some practise at third eye.that is not very big thing brother its cheap siddi power ..tantrik can also see past future that doesnt mean they are demi god

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2014-03-26 23:10:41 -0500 answered a question Forehead tingling (Third eye area)

Harman third eye is not dasam dwar .if u concentrate upon six chakra or third eye u will feel vibration there after few months practise.u too have human body which is created by god its natural process .god bless u,seeing future past is not big thing ,its siddi power connected with third eye .awakening third eye doesnt mean u become demi god .