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2018-09-28 11:13:20 -0600 asked a question New material is the best choice of investment in the field of fine chemical

The overall investment in the direction of the field of fine chemicals, the chemical industry's most promising new materials.

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, vice president Zhao Jungui at the forum pointed out that "five" period, vigorously develop fine chemical industry will contribute significantly to China's petroleum and chemical industry to upgrade and boost speed up the development of strategic new industries.

Zhang Fang the Director of Fine Chemicals in Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute said, fine chemical industry is a priority investment in the direction of new chemical materials, followed by the new field of fine chemicals, fine chemicals and traditional investment opportunities in a relatively small, mainly in the optimization of product structure.

New chemical materials is important not only to their own strategic and emerging industries, but also the development of other strategic emerging industries and traditional industries to support the transformation and upgrading of important supporting industries.
New Chemical Materials as a whole is still in the market growth, part of the field, Triphenyl Bismuth even in the market introduction phase, the priority in this area should enhance the total consideration to optimize the structure, that is, first of all to make up for the inadequate supply of a good foundation in the development of resources in areas such as a fluorine silicon area, speed up the optimization and upgrading of product structure.

Xu Jingsheng deputy chief engineer of China Chemical Economic and Technical Development Center said, "Twelve Five" period, to develop new chemical materials should be earth functional materials, high-performance membrane materials, new functional materials, such as positive development of advanced structural materials, engineering plastics, carbon fiber upgrade , aramid, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and other high-performance fiber and composite materials development, Lead Salicylate to carry out nano, superconductivity, intelligence and other common basic materials research.

It is understood that, in 2010, the domestic chemical industry new material self-sufficiency rate of 55% to 60%. "Twelve Five" period, new chemical materials chemical is listed as the focus of industrial development, and strive to 2015 new chemical materials domestic self-sufficiency rate of 80%.

New areas for the development of fine chemical industry, Zhang Fang said that, "five-second" period should be two main objectives: First, the overall market self-sufficiency rate of about 70% in 2009 to more than 85% in 2015

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