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Waheguru Ji ka Khala, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

I Have some doubts in my mind :

As far as mine small mind knowledge is concerned Human beings have to go through a cycle of 84 lakhs species until one seeks the true sprit of god in itself & unite with him & Human form is given to the sprit so the he can recite Gods name & do good deeds to purify his soul so as to be reunited into god. Also human life is given to soul to improve their deeds & attain salvation.

My Question is :

  1. In the primitive time when human beings ( homosapiens ) were not there what was the means of salvation.

2: Many species born & many get extinct with time so how this 84 lakhs species remains intact from primitive time to present & future.

  1. Now the human being population has increased tremendously than earlier yugs ( times ) is this means that all these souls have already crossed 84 lakhs species & all have been given a chance to improvise.

I have more such doubts running in my mind. Will ask later