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Veer Ji

There is one sex related question which is being asked by few here, I dont have proper gurmat related anwser on it.   Question is: Is masterbate (play with yourself sexually) allowed in Gurmat or not?   Why is this question arises here, there is scenarios like:      Young unmarried people wants to have sex with girl firends for enjoy but which is comdemned per Gurmat         OR     Separated or divorsed couples who don't sex for months     OR     Marries people live together but dont sex due to fights in them or due to some other reasons....     etc....   I mean if they sex with others which become Kurehat, but if they do Masterbat then its not at least kurehat, but even Is this ok or not as per gurmat?   Pls ask this question from some real Guru piare if you can. I know this is a very difficult question to be asked from any gurmukh piare. If its difficult to ask, then no issues, just forget it. And dont discuss this thing with anyone else.