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And this happened in a Sikh run institute!!! The professors dont know what is going on in the dorms because if anyone complains they will just get bullied and tortured later. . We seriouy need more parchar. Peoplehave was too.much negative disgusting energy. They need a proper channel.. but if u try to.promote.good health and Sikhi then u get treated like 'fanatic' or.something... why is punjab so.messed up..

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.

I have an odd question.. the other day my friend told me about what goes on in colleges in INDIA.. in PUNJAB. They told about the horrors of attending college in first year.. in india there is a thing called ragging. Thank God it has been banned now by law. But a couple of years ago and even to some extent nowadays ragging occurs and is horrible. Ok..this incident happened at a Sikh institute run by the sgpc... the first year boys were called.onto.the rooftop and told to take their pants off and do sometjing really horrible.while facing the girl's dorms (they call.them.hostels in india). Basically they were told to touch their own private parts or else. The seniors threatened the new students that they have to do.this if they want to live peacefully for the next five years.

I was like shocked that how can someone do this to another person. That too, so called normal people to other kids?? And that too, by students (a large group, or two sick minded individuals from a population) from.decent families?????

I.know there are sick evil people everywhere but it is so.mind boggling to.see such stuff done by so called decent " looking".people (actually you can sense.or.see.the weird vibes coming from.such individuals).. i have heard of Amritdhari boys going to college in PUNJAB and getting addicted to evil habits. I dont know what to do.. i feel so sad. How can people do these things to other people?? I was shocked and really in grief.. :-( some of those poor boys would be crying.. many people have committed suicide in india.over 'ragging'.. i too.much power called "foster good relations" between juniors and seniors is really extremely retarded because when u give power to immoral or even 'decent' people fturns their heads and they start to torture other humans.. This is so sad that this is happening in PUNJAB colleges.

What could we do???? Why is Punjab so messed up????