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I think you have given a very good reply. I see that the article has been viewed over 100 times but only you had teh courage to respond!

But why don't we grow nails? why do we cut them?

Waiting for your response.

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Everybody knows the story of Guru Nanak and his contact with God when he once went to bathe but never returned for a number of days; well upon Guru Nanak returning, did he not say "THERE IS NO HINDU NOR MUSLIM". Guru Nanak wanted a world without any distinction or discrimination , then why have we forgotten that? Guru Nanak Dev ji preached against castism, but not there are Khatris, Majhbis and Jatts in Sikhism. i think we have missed the point here completely!!

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Why are hair so important in sikhism? It is one of the best religions i've come across and Guru Nanak Dev ji never always taught us to be liberal and didnt force any rules on his followers. Please correct me if i am wrong, but Sikhism never was a religion, it was a way of living - an army.

Religions tie you down. Way of living guides you. I read somewhere that "Kesh is a symbol of devotion to God, reminding Sikhs that they should obey the will of God. At the Amrit Sanchar in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh explained the reason for this:

My Sikh shall not use the razor. For him the use of razor or shaving the chin shall be as sinful as incest. For the Khalsa such a symbol is prescribed so that his Sikhs can classified as pure"

But why would someone be a Hindu if you cut your hair. PURE is what is wished by the guru - How can you be pure only with hair??