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2018-06-10 06:52:11 -0500 asked a question Can someone help me with my self harm (cutting with a razor blade) addiction

Can someone help me please help me stop cutting myself. I feel like i am a failure and no one in the world values me. I believe I am better off just killing myself. Since I came to my new school, people have always discriminated me, calling me names like gay when i clearly know my sexuality, and i am straight, im not saying that being homosexual is a bad thing in my opinion. I used to cut my hair, now i decided to keep it, thinking god will help me. I was robbed 2 weeks ago, even though I am already suffering from mental health issues. If anyone found out I cut myself, i would be even more bullied. I pray to God to help me and it seems he has not answered my prayers. I pray I just die, i really want to commit suicide. I hate myself and no one seems to care for me. Do I have an option to live, or is God just trying to persuade me to kill myself. I believe self-harm is not a bad thing, it is my coping mechanism to stop these overwhelming feelings in my messed up mind, I love the pain. Please someone help me out, I know self harm is addictive and i should stop, but i just can't, it's too addictive and the only thing that makes me happy.