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thank you very much ji

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I am a student, aspiring to become a biology teacher and i am also indulged in small social work for poor people (specially education of poor children). i want to serve humanity with my teaching services, helping poor people, even i still donate a little money in our small social works and help poor people for basic necessities and poor children in education.i am firm believer of sikkhi and i read Gurbani, tries to understand it's meaning from Steek and videos. But the problem is that i find much more happiness and peace in social work. i read Japji Sahib but not daily. Our group of friends is increasing our social work day by day. But in Japji Sahib it's written that Social work is of not much value in life (Teerth tap daya dat daan je ko paave til ka maan). I am confused about the purpose of life.Please help me