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Gur Fateh Vaheguru Jot Ji,

While I cannot compete with the neuroscience degree of honorable S. Guruka Singh ji, I humbly submit the following:

  2. Prayers do work, but their benefit cannot be measured by a scientific instrument. The existence of the Lord while pervading the entire Universe, is very subtle, as are human thoughts. That is why science needs to resort to polygraphs which can only record changes in brain waves and nothing else. People dying despite prayers, has to do with their upcoming journey and nothing to do with their loved ones in their existing lifetime. Their future program transcends any human entreaty. Prayers are healing and prayers reduce the effect of bad karma. But prayers solely done to test God cannot be successful.
  3. Karma has to be fulfilled and will be fulfilled. We fail to see that we have lived many times before and we have a huge existing account that is too large to be taken into account in one lifetime. We deal with the Pralabd or the Present Karma only because we are not privy to any additional information about our past. To illustrate: Two siblings(twins), born on the same day, experiencing the same love and upbringing from their parents, attend the same school. However, one is a little more aggressive and naughty and keeps getting into trouble through his primary, middle and high school and has a record of receiving punishments. The other has had a clean record in school and is well adjusted and respected in school. One day they both get caught on a serious matter and are sent to the principal's office. The naughty one gets expelled but the other one gets a one week suspension, mind you, FOR THE SAME DEED. This is how Karma works. We need to have ALL THE INFORMATION to be able to QUALIFY the Lord's judgement. The premise here is RE-INCARNATION and PREVIOUS KARMA.
  4. Atheists, are people who have given up their faith because their patience is exhausted, while waiting for the Lord to arrange their affairs as THEY WANT. Exactly like a child who stops believing that his mother loves him or her because she does not condone his or her behavior and will not grant favors until the child changes their behavior. The Supreme Parent is exactly like that.
  5. Atheists have actually GIVEN UP ON THEMSELVES.
  6. Atheists believe that their comprehension and understanding is ULTIMATE and FINAL. They believe that they know enough to be able to judge GOD.
  7. Scientists can only discover what the Lord's timeline wishes them to DISCOVER. All creation and technology is the Lord's doing. Over the last 5 centuries, scientists have learnt quite a bit, but not even on iota of what the Supreme knows. They keep guessing and trying to impress the illiterate public with their random theories after making inferences with their finite brains, and another one follows them with a new ...