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WJKK WJKF. Recently, I have become very interested in the existence of God and I was really questioning if God is all around us and with us. But it seems like science has proven otherwise. Science says that we have no soul as this is proven through neuroscience. We are simply our bodies and brains. We are complex cell systems. It’s not possible for us to have a soul. Science proves karma as false. I know we, Sikhs, believe in karma but scientifically it’s not possible. Religions believe in miracles, but as Stephen Hawking had proven, miracles are not compatible with science. Even near death experiences have been proven as hallucinations. I’ve always believed that God has to exist because this universe is so complex and perfect but science says how complexity does not require an intelligent creator. Also a Harvard study proves that prayers do not work. A study was conducted where people prayed for half of hospital patients and the other half was not prayed for. The same amount of deaths occurred no matter who was prayed for or not. When I pray, I feel like God is with me and that I can feel Gods energy but science says that these are just feelings of calmness and comfort in our brain. I’m so upset because it’s seems like God is being proven false by science. This makes me so sad. Please share your opinion.