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2013-05-18 04:14:05 -0500 answered a question how to gain shanti in sikhi

Peace is BEYOND MIND and not in the mind



You are striving, for the costliest thing in this world i.e. 'Peace of Mind'. Mind here refers to 'Mann'. Just think ………… when do you get disturbed ? Perhaps, only when the things do not move as per your own wishes. This instigates our Ego. We all wish that this world should move as per our own desires. However, most of the time this does not happen and we get disturbed. The situation will not improve until we learn to walk in accordance with the will (HUKAM) of God(Waheguru). Gurubani says: "Hukme andar sabko, bahar hukam na koi ! Nanak hukme je buje ta Humye(ego) kahe na koi"( Everyone is subject to his command, no one is beyond his command! Oh, Nanak , one who understands his command, never speaks in EGO)".

Let us, first understand the anatomy of our mind. It is nothing but a collection of thoughts, ideas, views, wishes and desires only. It doesn't have any physical existence in our body. Such a power it has, that it can take us around the world within seconds. Guru ji says " Nimakh Meh Char Kunt Phir Avye" (It can visit within a second, all the four directions.) The power, which remains awake even when we are asleep. It controls us and our behavior. Can we control a power which controls us? Perhaps not! If you try to control your anger, you will not be able to do that. Because anger is a product of disturbed mind and not cause of it. We will have to remove the cause. The cause is overflow of unnecessary, unwanted and useless thoughts coming to our mind. These thoughts, not necessarily, are our own. Our mind captures a lot of stuff from this universe. The universe is full of thoughts transmitted by other persons, which get reception at our end, may be unconsciously.

Let us take an example. Imagine a river flowing with its full power, that it can create havoc. Now, what is the easiest useful way to control it. To stop the flow permanently or to divert it. Perhaps, giving the flow of water a particular direction is both easy and useful. This way, it can produce useful energy for us. Just like a dam produces electricity for us. Similarly, we cannot stop the flow of thoughts (at present state of mind). At the most, we can divert the flow of thoughts towards almighty (thru Gurbani or as directed in your sect). Gurbani says: " Mann Ka Maran Shabad Hai" ( only Guru's Shabad can weaken the power of mind).

In fact, Peace is not in the mind (as it is usually understood or guided) rather it is "BEYOND MIND". Yes, eternal peace is beyond our Mind. It is Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib which can take us beyond our mind. Only then we can experience the bliss (the ultimate peace).

Don't overworry or spend sleepless nights, have a faith ... (more)

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru Ji ki Fateh !

What I understand from your post, is that you want to know 'How we can talk to the almighty waheguru ji !' You are also in doubt,whether it is possible or not. I do not know from which state of mind you are passing at present i.e. whether reciting nitnem and gurbani from sri Guru Granth Sahib(SGGS in short)regularly or not.

SGGS is the only living shabad guru available to the humanity. Gurbani says :" *Parbrahm Gur Nahi Bhed"( There is no difference between Guru and the God(waheguru).* So it is clear that if are able to talk with Guruji , it is direct talk with the almighty. Yes, It is true and it happens ! It is not a talk like human being talk through lips. Guru ji talks with us through our own mind and the shabad in the Gurbani. Gurbani in SGGS leaves a magical effect on our minds.

Practically This is how it happens:- When we start reading gurbani from SGGS attentively, a number of thoughts ,questions and doubts start emerging in our mind. But within no time, most of the time the very next lines, contain the answers to those questions and our doubts start vanishing. Isn't it a talk to Waheguru Ji. Certainly, it is! Next time when you start reading gurbani pray to Guruji that you want talk to Him and start reading attentively word by word. Believe me you will listen Guru Ji's voice( in the shape of thoughts coming to your mind).

This proves that we can talk to Waheguruji through Gurbani only.

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First of all, there is nothing Good or bad in this universe. Whatever is happening is God's will. In fact, it is our own perception about an event to be good or bad. Our own state of mind contributes a lot. The same event is good for one while bad for others. Guruji says: " Bura nahi sab bhalaa he hai re, Eka eki netai. Dukh nahi sab Sukh he hai re haar nahi sab Jete."( Nothing is good or bad. Only almighty's will is working. There are no pains, but peace pervails everywhere)" This is for those having loftiest spiritual state of mind. So, change your state of mind through Simran and Gurbani understanding. Your world will change.

Secondly, We are solely responsible for what is happening to us. GuruJi guides :" Dadda dosh na deo kise, dosh karma apnea. Jo mein kia so main paya dosh na dije awar jana" ( Do not blame others. What you sow, so shall you reap.)"

So through Gurbani understanding we can learn the life skills for living a happy and peaceful life.

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The number may be any. There is nothing like that supported by our religion. Most of the time it is followed to get some wish fulfilled or it is instructed by some babas with vested interest. There may not be any big joke than to praise the lord for a few particular days. Guru Ji instructs :” Kam pare to simreya jaye, aisa simro Nit” ( We should praise the almighty daily instead of when we get stucked some where in life)” . However, when some one’s wish is fulfilled, that fellow and other people give credit to Chalia or the baba who recommended the same. But chalia or Baba has nothing to do with it. It is not our wish that comes to be fulfilled but of the waheguruji’s. What about those whose wish remains unfulfilled ! The coincidence that works wonder is that same was the wish of the almighty. Hence was granted. So, instead counting the days try to remain absorbed in the rememebrance of Waheguru ji if you want to experience the real bliss.

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Piyare Jaskaran,

Still it is a long way to go in your life. At every step of life you will feel uncertainty and unsecure. Just think ! who is running this universe ! neither you, nor I. Then who? Obviously, it is the almighty waheguru. But it is strange that we all try to run it in our way. we wish that all our wishes be granted. This is the first and foremost reason of disappointment and depression. Is this the lesson we learn from Gurbani? No, not all. Guruji advises us to walk in accordance to the God's will( Hukam). " Hukme ander sab ko bahar hukam na koi". Instead of accepting what will happen, we try to fulfill our wishes. Though later on we may repent. These are very small lessons, but having big impact on our overall life. Believe GuruJi, nothing will go wrong. Try your best and leave the rest to Waheguru. Try this thing! Tell GuruJi that you will accept what ever the Waheguru's hukam will be and see how much peace you experience. Later on in life you need not to repent.

Comment to your reply:

It is too sad that you are thinking of committing suicide. A sikh needs to be always in "CHARDI KALA". No body can fulfill any other's desires. It is only God's will that prevails. Whatever you have got till today was almighty's gift. The family, friends etc. are only via media and not the source. The source is the Waheguru only. GuruJi says: "Dadda datta ek hai Sab ko Devan Har" ( There is only one giver in this universe, Who is giver for al of us.) Respect your parents but keep your faith in Guru jI. It is only our wavering mind that misleads us. Whenever you are possessed with the thought of suicide, start chanting paath of "CHUPAI SAHIB." Believe me Guru Ji are Ang sang and will definitely protect you from taking any undesirable step. Even if you feel the situation to be worse and cannot control yourself please give me a call at my cell no: 9855209344 or email me at [email protected].