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Goodness we really are doing the opposite of what the message is we are complicating it. Message us simpke but we get hung up on technicality. Guru is above all 33 billion gods. He is their teacher he is Waheguru that is the omnipresent supreme divine light aka Aad Shakti, this shakti is what made all gods and goddesses and YOU!

What this means is Aad Shakti waheguru and Guru are one. Waheguru is omni present meaning he is everywhere we can call him by whatever name but it is the spark in you it is a part of every living thing. That is what made your heart beat yes waheguru did. That is why waheguru and Guru is one and that is what we are to be at one with God inside us (maan mander) your body is the temple keep it clean maintain it. Maan is God concept with God in you! He strum along to his beat his will not your own.

First Guru was Guru he was guru Nanak that divine light passed on to each of the 10 gurus. Guru Govind Singh ji was sent by waheguru divine light but he was called upon by waheguru Aad Shakti when he was Dusht Daman in that is how Brahma and shiv all were but out of 10 gurus none is specified which God came as which guru etc, why because people like us overthink the message is simple body is temple clean it soul is spark of God connect with it with naam simran use baani when in doubt to understand how to live properly meaning do not lie cheat hurt abuse others because God is in others too etc. Everyone can connect with God no matter color creed etc.