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2012-04-29 16:11:58 -0500 answered a question Resh hermon

Hello Resh Hermon. It's really good to hear that you are interested in learning about Sikhism. Being a Sikh is a continual process of learning, developing and evolving with the Guru’s Grace. It is based on very true and very real inner reality, which is very real to the individual. More than anything else, it teaches discipline in life. It is based on the simple belief of one God. And God is inside you. When there’s one God and when you live on simple beliefs, you begin to see a lot of things that make life enjoyable. Being a Sikh is learning to be a better person, to help other people to serve humanity.

Most non-Sikhs don’t convert to Sikhism just like that; it can be a slow process. Following the Path of Sikhism is falling in love with your soul and God. Anything worthy of accomplishing in life requires dedication, motivation, sacrifice, strength and commitment. However, following this Path with love and dedication you reap the sweet reward of happiness, peace and fulfilment. Conversion perhaps is an inappropriate term, rather one one evolves or one is transformed into a Sikh.

I suggest that you try and keep your hair and try to become a vegetarian an leave all intoxicants including smoking and drinking alcohol.

May god bless you. Harmeet Singh