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2018-03-03 06:41:22 -0600 commented answer is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

Pakistanis r honest people. thank-u for enlightening us, will certainly start reading Islam.

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u nailed it.

2018-03-03 04:25:49 -0600 commented answer is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

U R from which country

2018-03-03 02:49:43 -0600 answered a question is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

I was under the impression that Sikhism is a very disciplined religion with very clear set of religious rules to follow but I was wrong, now I realize it. Someone mentioned above that those who are not keshadhari too are Sikhs and homosexuals are acceptable in Sikhism.

If this is what Sikhism is then I am sorry to say that other faiths are much better than Sikhism.

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2018-02-14 04:48:17 -0600 asked a question Relationship of Sikhs with other Faiths?

What about relationship of Sikhs with people of different nationalities and different faiths. Are they able to co-exist?

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2018-02-10 03:45:44 -0600 answered a question WHITES AND SIKHS

So nice....

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2018-02-05 03:53:28 -0600 asked a question WHITES AND SIKHS

When and how did the Whites came in contact with the Indian Sikhs and when was the first recorded White convert to Sikhism?

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2018-01-30 03:57:39 -0600 commented answer My Queries related to Sikhism?

Thank-you Mr.Singh. One more question, why Sikh males are known as Sardars?

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2018-01-29 06:27:14 -0600 asked a question My Queries related to Sikhism?

So, ladies and gentlemen i have few questions unresolved that relates to Sikhism.

a) Why do Sikhs keep untrimmed physical hairs, what's the spiritual reason behind this?

b) If all religious ideologies are similar and their ultimate goal is the same that is merging with God, then what is the point in taking the most difficult path of Sikhism. For example, if a Sikh guy who is untrimmed and in his full Sikh attire leads a truthful life, he gonna merge with HIM. On the other hand, if a guy who is trimmed and is a non-Sikh but he too leads a truthful life obviously he too gonna merge with HIM.

So, why to take the difficult path of Sikhism. Does God promises any extra benefits of following the most difficult path on earth that is Sikhism?

c) Sikhs say they don't believe in idol worship but they do worship photos of their Gurus, isn't worshiping of the photographs an idol worship itself?

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2018-01-21 12:19:58 -0600 asked a question What is the definition of Sikh?

So, ladies and gentlemen who is a true Sikh. How much importance does the language Punjabi holds in Sikhism. Why Sikhism is considered an ethnic Punjabi faith? Why there aren't enough Sikh males in the Entertainment industry be it Bollywood or Hollywood? Why young Sikhs of today so confused about their own faith? And as Punjabi Sikh males and females, do you consider yourselves closer and friendlier with India or do you guys sympathize more with Pakistan? Please do answer but honestly.