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Bhenji Sabar is your weapon. Do as much paath as you can. I know its easy for me to say but very very hard to practice. I can relate to your situation. The thing is most of our families love own daughters to the core but they treat the daughter in laws differently. But i would suggest as you said your mother in law is ill, do takecare of her try to be a daughter rather than Daughter in law as she might be really sick not physically but mentally help her to get out of that situation.

She is a lady and you are a lady as well what you are going through maybe she might have experience something similiar which may be the reason she is bitter with you. Rome wasnt built in one day so it might take number of attempts for you to get her talking. Dont give up. Try to talk to your mother in law not as daughter in law but as a daughter. Just keep in mind your ego will stop you from been nice to your mother in law but dont give up as you will be doing this not for yourself but for your children. As said by bhai sahebji above that kids antennas are very highly tuned. We think our children dont understand things but they are one who are observing each and every move of everyone and then pick their behaviours from us adults. One day as everyone have to leave this sansaar so will your mother in law please love her and respect her. As if you will be treating her with respect and dignity your kids will treat you same way in your old age. So been respectful towards your mother in law will definately earn you respect , peace and calm in eyes of not only your kids but your husband and waheguruji as well. Be strong as all storms have time limits nothing last forever.Be kind to everyone.

Whatever we sow we get the fruit accordingly. My suggestion for controlling anger is to start doing an activity which brings you peace and calm. You can start writing a dairy about how you feel when you are angry. Or take your self away from the disputed situation and go for a walk. Or listen to meditation music or do paath or talk to a person you trust for advise example your brother,sister, mum, dad, husband, friends as a third person's point of view who thinks good for you and your kids will surely help you. Join some charitable cause as all this arguments wont earn anything but stress. Doing some seva will surely help you. Make a daily routine to go to Gurudwara saheb and attend sangat and do sewa.

I hope my advise helps you. Waheguruji will help you! takecare