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2017-02-02 19:12:29 -0500 asked a question is it okay for me to get full body laser?

wjkk wjkf. I am a amrit dhari singhni and i do not feel comfortable with my body hair. i tie a dastar and have no problem with that in fact i love it. however i feel as if sometimes i begin to feel hate towards sikhi becuase of this.i know that hair is one of the most important things to a sikh. but its hard especially in the world we live in. it is my body and i have control over what i do with it. however i took amrit and promised my guru i would never touch my hair. but i have never, not even before i took amrit felt okay with my body hair. my question is, if it is okay for me to get full body laser if i feel so horrible about myself because of my body hair. thank you very much. wjkk wjkf

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2016-11-22 19:32:46 -0500 answered a question BAD REPUTATION :(

Bhenji as a guru da sikh who are we to judge someone and make them pay for their sins? I also go to AKJ programs and i know they can be judgemental that is a huge con about the jatha for me as well. i do not know you but you said you have made mistakes, who hasn't? only the guru can forgive and only the guru knows our karma. if these sikhs are treating you like this it is not your fault if your guru can forgive you who are they to treat you badly? i can't say if it will stop or not but all i know is that when you go to sangat you are there to practice the guru's shabad and try to get closer to god so try not to think about them go there listen to the kirtan, and leave. you cannot change them you can only make it easier for yourself. Hopefully this helped and good luck!!

2016-11-22 19:23:45 -0500 answered a question Please help me what do i do?

you are definitely not a bad sister. I also have a sister and sometimes it can feel like that about many things. However i think as sisters we have every right to disagree on matters if your sister is a good sister she will listen to your side of the story. If this bothered me so much to feeling suicidal i would sit my sister down and apologize for it if it offends her but i would tell her what i feel and even if she gets a little mad i think as her sister you have a right to say what it is that you feel. you may or may not be right but i think as her sister you have a right, and it would be wrong for her to not even hear you out. Good Luck!!!

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2016-11-21 12:24:02 -0500 commented answer if everything happens by gods will why is suicide wrong in sikhi?

Thanks i understand this part but what i mean to ask is that if we believe that everythig happens by gods will doesnt it mean that suicide is the wat we were supposed to die. does this not mean that suicide is also in gods will? since nothing can happen without his will.

2016-11-21 12:05:21 -0500 asked a question if everything happens by gods will why is suicide wrong in sikhi?

Sikhs believe everthing happens wby gods will ut then why do we say that people who commit suicide do not get mukti

2016-11-21 01:17:38 -0500 answered a question Sexism and Sikhi

I think women being treated unfairly in Sikhi is more of a cultural thing than a religious matter. I myself am a woman so i understand. However, guru sahib does not say anything bad about women in fact he respects them tremendously, but our culture however does not.

2016-11-21 01:04:37 -0500 asked a question How can i become a better sikh

i am 17 years old and i have been through severe depression, and am still going through light depression. I can never get myself to do my nitnem properly the only thing i like to do is kirtan. i do not feel filfilled in my life i dont have good parents and i feel like through gurbani i can come to peace but i dont know how. i feel so alone like i need someone but i know only gurbani can fill my loneliness how do i become a naam jap-ing sikh.

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2016-07-28 17:45:10 -0500 asked a question how do i get out of my depression through only gurbani

i have been depressed for a very ling almost 2 years it been better but i am still very sad and medicine isn't doing it so i want to get out of it only through gurbani please tell me what gurbani's to read and how much and just what to do. Thank you!

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2016-04-23 12:08:36 -0500 asked a question how to do sukhmani sahib

i have been doing sukhmani sahib everyday for over a month now at first it was good i felt something after i did it, it made me happy and feel energentic because of its purity but now i feel like i'm just doing it because i have to and i dread it how can go back to loveing to do sukhmani sahib?

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thank you so much

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this really helps thank you

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thank you so much could you also tell me some gurbani to read to help i would really appreciate!!

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thank you so much

2016-03-17 19:00:35 -0500 asked a question depression

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

   i am 17 years old and i have been dealing with depression for more than 6 months now i was getting homopathic medicine ans it would help only a little while i took it. when i thought i was feeling much better and i didnt need it i stopped but i was back at my depression back where i started within a week and because of the depression i did not go back i took counselling but it did not help in any way so i stopped that too my family is not supportive my mom dealt with depression i thought she would understand but she doesnt understand at all she took me to get counselling ans medicine but she was never there for me when i felt week to console me which made it hard my dad has never understood anything so i didnt expect much and my sister is the only person i talk to but its hard when everyone expects u to be happy in a wee. my mom and dad just say oh well if you read gurbani more you'd never deal with this and they dont understand that the depression is taking over my mind and body and thats why its so hard for me to read gurbani i can barely get out of bed. so what i'm asking is somebody give me hope and tell me what to do how to and what gurbanis to read daily to help now i dont want medicine or counselling because i realize only mu guru can save me i just need guidance please help me i dont want my life to be depression.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh